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Guard Against Scammer

There are Scammers on some dating sites recently.

We have taken strict sanctions against fake profiles and suspicious members. However, the amount of members is too large, we cannot ensure the authenticity of all members' profiles, so we have to seriously remind all members of enhancing protection awareness, in case of being cheated.

Scammer definition:

We pay close attention to the Scammer that want money, excluding the situation that some members say they are deceived from love, because its hard to decide who is right or wrong in a relationship. Each person has his different definitions of a relationship, and has the freedom and right to choose friends and lovers, we have no right to interfere. If you are disgusted with the behavior of a member, you can add to your blacklist, to stop him harassing you.

These Scammers ask other members for money after they defraud of confidence with fair words.

Their old tricks are:

1) They meet difficulties on their business;

2)They lost all money on their way to home and need some traveling expenses;

3)They need lots of money for their families' operation;

4)They stir up you to invest or cooperate for investment accounts which will return a high rate of interest;

5)Please be careful if someone wants to borrow money or cooperate to do some business. They are usually those dishonest people.

Please enhance protection awareness and pay attention to the following notes:

1) Do not transfer money to any individual. If someone asks you to transfer, please contact us and offer us the user name. We will investigate timely.

2)Please communicate with the strangers though the Internal messages on this site rather than by Email or telephone. Usually these scammers prefer luring the member into communications through private emails and private chats on places like MSN, Yahoo, Skype etc where our Scammer detection system cannot interfere.

3)If you are a VIP, you can write to the administrator and ask to check the general user's IP address. if the IP address proofs in one place, but says another very distant place on his/her profile, he may be a Scammer.

4)VIPs and senior members of this site have a higher credibility, because most of them are paying and popular members, and we have verified their identity and photograph.

5)Never giving out your personal information to strangers casually.

Don't give out your personal information casually until you have learnt enough about others and ensured safety. The information we mentioned involves: (your) real name, home phone number, mobile phone number, office phone number, bank account number, home address, and so on.

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