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Website Terms of Service

1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
Please carefully read the floowing terms, which regulate any services or softwares you will use on cpseek.com. Please make sure that you have agreed to them before accessing the service. If you do not agree, please do not use the services.
You must comply with the Service Agreement; be over 16 years old; keep your account code confidential. If you are informed of acts that are contrary to this service, please inform us immediately.
3.Prohibited Activities.
You must ensure that your access to the Website and use of the Service is excluding the following activities: violation of laws; damage to others;using any unauthorized means to modify or change the access of the Service and disrupting the Service.
4.Content of Service
The service offers three zones that open to the publice, the people with your permission and yourself only. If you share the public zone with others, it means you agree to use the contents in the zone, including "save" and "search" functions. So we will not pay you for the contents you provide. We have the right to refuse to publish and delete your contents at any time. Apart from the zone that you allow the public or users with your permission to visit, we will strictly keep all your other content and privacies confidential.
5.Obligations of User
You acknowledge that your use of the Service and the Website is solely at your own risk.You are solely responsible for the content of your profile, messages, video and audio recordings and other materials you may upload to the Service or transmit to other members of the Service.You are solely responsible for your interaction with other members of the Service.
6.Modifications to Service.
We can change or delete parts of the service function at any time for any reason.. Any information you save in the service may not recover if the service is changed or cancelled.
You may become a general member of the Service free of charge. General membership will only entitle you to participate in some of the features available as part of the Service. In order to access additional features, you must become a paid member to the Service. We have two kinds of paid membership: Senior membership and VIP. Subscription plans and their corresponding fees are located at the "Recharge- Membership" page.

8.1 Fees

Our charges and payment terms are made by our company. Even if you do not have to pay for the service, you may have to pay for the incidental costs caused by using the service.

8.2 Price Change

We may at any time change our price for a subscription. The new rate takes effect if you apply for a new subscription.If you do not agree to these changes, you can use the service until the expiry. If your service has a specified period of discount, then the price is valid for the period.

8.3 Refund Policy

All fees already paid can not be refunded, and you must be responsible for the costs occurs in the period of refund. Except for the service prescribed by law or have specific agreement.

8.4 Cancel the service

For any reasons, you cancel the service at any time.

8.5 Payment for your work

Only when you supply us with clear information in time so that we can have our appropriate payment for you (for example, account number or personal information for accepting our payment), can you have the right to receive the payment from us. You have agreed to meet our above mentioned act.

Copyright in the Service and the Website (all the service contents, including information, data, activities and terms in the website) is owned or licensed by cpseek.com.
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